Oakhurst Beverly Hills

A tranquil ‘getaway’ rooftop garden in the center of Beverly Hills CA 90210. Gives the residents a real sense of having a sizable yard atop the high-end, high-security condo complex. Custom light-weight UV-rated fiberglass containers are planted with ficus columns to aid in privacy, and under-planted with trailing, fragrant white-flowering star jasmine. Other containers are filled with French Lavender and dwarf olive. A large central Ficus tree divides, lush curtained entertaining, dining, and lounging areas set beneath shaded, custom-made cabanas with well-appointed serving areas, fridge, and barbeque designed by Michelle Niday Interiors, and installed by Snow Lion Construction. The entire flooring is synthetic UV-rated turf and concrete tile. A wall fountain, stone tables and other objects d’art adorn the area. All living plant materials are supported by automatic irrigation systems and lit by night with architectural aluminum LED lighting fixtures and composite below-ground well-lights.


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Ed Salven of Malibu Tree & Landscape, a Malibu Landscape Design Company

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